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02/24/2020Rancher/Producer Free Seminar
02/24/2020*Chadron American Legion Auxiliary Meeting
02/24/2020*Crawford Blood Drive
02/25/2020Dawes County Veteran's Honor Guard Meeting
02/25/2020Chadron Library Rock Painting XL
02/25/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
02/25/2020Sandoz Center High Plains Herbarium Turns 60
02/25/2020Chadron Blood Drive
02/26/2020T'ai Chi classes
02/28/2020Chadron Library Rock Painting
02/28/2020CFCU Annual Member Appreciation Dinner
02/28/2020Mari Sandoz Center Exhibit 'Hindsight is 20/20'
02/28/2020The Omaha Symphony to Perform at CSC
02/29/2020*Nebraska student State-Fish Art Contest
02/29/2020Veterans Annual Creative Arts Competition
02/29/2020Chadron Polar Plunge
02/29/2020LGA Putt-A-Round
02/29/2020Missoula Children's Theatre 'The Snow Queen'
02/29/2020Materials needed for welcome bags
03/02/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
03/03/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
03/04/2020Sandoz Center Looking for WWII Contributions
03/04/2020Public Meetings on Nebraska Trees and Forests
03/06/2020CSC Rodeo Black Tie Calf Fry
03/10/2020Chadron Christian Connection Luncheon
03/10/2020Western Nebraska Mental Health Conference
03/12/2020Child Abuse and Neglect Training
03/13/2020CSC Rodeo Spring Clinics
03/13/2020Mari Sandoz Center Exhibit 'Hindsight is 20/20'
03/15/2020Girl Scout Cookie Season
03/16/2020Feed A Hungry Senior Rapid City Rush Raffle
03/16/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
03/18/20203rd Annual Panhandle Day of Caring
03/19/2020Sandoz Center Flint Knapping Demonstrations
03/20/2020Caring for Someone with Alzheimers
03/20/2020Wyoming Bee College Conference
03/22/2020The Reach Missions Conference
03/23/2020Chadon American Legion Auxiliary Meeting
03/24/2020Dawes County Veteran's Honor Guard Meeting
03/24/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
03/24/2020Sandoz Center Butterflies Talk
03/27/2020Mari Sandoz Center Exhibit 'Hindsight is 20/20'
03/30/2020*Nebraska student State-Fish Art Contest
03/31/2020Newblom Foundation Grants and Scholarships
04/03/2020Circle of Light "Show the Light in Your Heart"
04/03/2020Circle of Light 'Show the Light in Your Heart'
04/06/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
04/07/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
04/09/2020Pesticide applicator training in western Nebraska
04/17/2020CSC Wind Symphony and Community Band
04/18/2020KCSR/KBPY Home, Sports, & Travel Expi
04/18/2020Consuming Fire Sadie Hawkins Dance
04/19/2020CSC’s Concert Choir and Community Choir
04/20/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
04/24/2020Chadron Festival of Quilts
04/25/2020Chadron Festival of Quilts
04/27/2020Chadron American Legion Auxiliary Meeting
04/28/2020Dawes County Veteran's Honor Guard Meeting
04/28/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
05/02/2020Home Buyer Education Class
05/04/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
05/05/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
05/09/2020Home Buyer Education Class
05/18/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
05/26/2020Dawes County Veteran's Honor Guard Meeting
05/26/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
06/01/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
06/02/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
06/15/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
06/20/2020Respite FUN Day
06/22/2020Chadron American Legion Auxiliary Meeting
06/23/2020Dawes County Veteran's Honor Guard Meeting
06/23/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
07/06/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
07/07/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
07/20/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
07/27/2020Chadron American Legion Auxiliary Meeting
07/28/2020Dawes County Veteran's Honor Guard Meeting
07/28/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
08/01/2020Home Buyer Education Class
08/03/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
08/04/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
08/08/2020Home Buyer Education Class
08/17/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
08/24/2020Chadron American Legion Auxiliary Meeting
08/25/2020Dawes County Veteran's Honor Guard Meeting
08/25/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
09/01/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
09/08/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
09/21/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
09/22/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
09/22/2020Dawes County Veteran's Honor Guard Meeting
09/28/2020Chadron American Legion Auxiliary Meeting
10/03/2020Harvest Moon Fall Festival New Date/Location
10/05/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
10/06/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
10/19/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
10/26/2020Chadron American Legion Auxiliary Meeting
10/27/2020Dawes County Veteran's Honor Guard Meeting
10/27/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
11/02/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
11/03/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
11/07/2020Home Buyer Education Class
11/14/2020Home Buyer Education Class
11/16/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
11/23/2020Chadron American Legion Auxiliary Meeting
11/24/2020Dawes County Veteran's Honor Guard Meeting
11/24/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
12/01/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
12/07/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
12/21/2020Regular Chadron City Council Meeting
12/22/2020Dawes County Immunization Clinic
TFNSt. Patrick's Rummage Room
TFNChadron Hospice Volunteers Needed
TFNNW NE Rod and Gun Club Get-Togethers
TFNChadron Native American Center Food Bank
TFNChadron's Dog Adoption/Impoundment
TFNAlzheimer's Caregiver Support Group
TFNBrain Injury Support Group
TFNGrief Support Group in Chadron
TFNHospice Seeks Sheridan County Volunteers
TFNPublic Notification of WIC Benefits
TFNDonations Requested for Veteran's Office
TFNChadron Cribbage Club Game Night
TFNMonday Evening Bike Ride
TFN12 Step Recovery Meetings in Chadron
TFN12 Step Recovery Meetings in Gordon