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(Neb.)-Rapid City Schools Repeat In Chadron State College's Scholastic Contest

By: Roxie Graham-Marski Posted at: 04/13/2012 06:47 PM

(CHADRON STATE)-Two Rapid City, S.D., high schools were repeat winners in the 52nd Scholastic Contest at Chadron State College on Friday, April 13.

Perennial winner Stevens High School claimed its fifth consecutive championship Division I, the classification with schools of the largest enrollments. St. Thomas More repeated in Division III.

Others earning the most points in their respective classifications were Sidney in Division II, Hemingford in Division IV and Hyannis in Division V.

This was Hemingford’s first championship since 1981. Sidney claimed the top spot for the first time since 2003 and Hyannis earned its last championship plaque in 2009.

A total of 1,427 students from 50 high schools signed up to take one or more of the event’s 44 tests, which are administered by CSC faculty.

Stevens has now won the competition 25 times, and has claimed the title eight of the last nine contests. The school led the medal count with 20, which was double the number of the nearest school in the standings. Nine of them were golds. Next up in number of medals was Alliance, 10, Chadron, 9, and Gordon-Rushville, 9.

Fourteen students won two medals in various contests. They are Ben Absalon of Crawford, Stephanie Alfred of Mitchell, Andrew Bartow of Scottsbluff, Sam Eastman of Gering, Cameron Hale of Mitchell, Tanner Holthus of Hyannis, Noah Huber of Banner County, Andrew Jennings of Stevens, Molly Jensen of Arthur County, Geoffrey Ledbetter of Chadron, Shea Lindsey of Gordon-Rushville, Randin Rawlings of Rock County, Emma Thomas of Stevens and Matt Wilen of Sturgis-Brown.

The seniors who won gold qualify for CSC’s Scholastic Achievement Award, which covers the in-state portion of the institution’s tuition for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The CSC Scholastic Contest, which began in 1961, is believed to be the oldest and largest of its kind in the High Plains region.

Following are the final school standings and medal winners. More detailed results and other information about the contest may be found at www.csc.edu/scholastic.

School Standings

Division I – Stevens of Rapid City (S.D.) 20.454, Sturgis-Brown (S.D.) 8.783, Gering 6.021, *Douglas (Wyo.) 11.25, *Scottsbluff 8.545, *Central of Rapid City (S.D.) 6.42

Division II -- Sidney 11.05, Alliance 8.07, Ogallala 6.017, *Hot Springs (S.D.) 13.091

Division III -- St. Thomas More of Rapid City (S.D.) 14.706, Chadron 10.984, West Holt of Atkinson 10.904, Gordon-Rushville 8.297, Kimball 5.257, Valentine 5.236, Mitchell 4.755, Bridgeport 3.379, Bennett County of Martin (S.D.) 3.097, Ainsworth 1.186, *Wright (Wyo.) 4.287, *O’Neill 0, *Saint Francis Indian School 0

Division IV -- Hemingford 5.444, Crawford 5.291, Morrill 4.816, Bayard 4.426, Perkins County of Grant 3.257, Creek Valley of Chappell 3.042, Niobrara County of Lusk (Wyo.) 2.735, Garden County of Oshkosh 2.224, Upton (Wyo.) 2.051, Pine Ridge Job Corps of Chadron 0, *Wall (S.D.) 1.65, *Guernsey-Sunrise (Wyo.) 0

Division V -- Hyannis 9.057, Rapid City (S.D.) Christian 7.103, Hay Springs 5.548, Arthur County at Arthur 5.531, Anselmo-Merna 5.476, Rock County at Bassett 4.923, Leyton at Dalton 4.427, Sioux County at Harrison 4.026, Cody-Kilgore 3.974, Potter-Dix 3.529, Banner County at Harrisburg 3.152, Sandhills at Dunning 3.022, Mullen 2.637, Stuart 2.097, Thedford 1.104, *Edgemont (S.D.) 0, *Oelrichs (S.D.) 0

*Minimum number of tests not met to qualify for standings

Medal Winners

Accounting: 1, Randin Rawlings, Rock County; 2, Daniel Leathermon, Gering; 3, Drew Bryant, Cody-Kilgore; 3, Tanner Holthus, Hyannis; 3, Rebecca Hostick, Anselmo-Merna; 3, Alex Pool, Mitchell; 3, Janette Tate, Wright

Advanced Mathematics: 1, J.J. Hollibaugh, St. Thomas More; 2, Brooke Padilla, Sturgis-Brown; 3, Andrew Jennings, Stevens; 3, Geoffrey Ledbetter, Chadron; 3, Titus Utecht, Valentine

Agronomy and Rangeland Management: 1, Krista Carter, Alliance; 2, Melissa Jech, Gordon-Rushville; 3, Brian Evertson, Kimball

Algebra I: 1, Carli Winter, Bennett County; 2, Kyle Krantz, Alliance; 3, Paige Mitchell, West Holt

Algebra II: 1, Sam Eastman, Gering; 2, Nicholas Sieger, St. Thomas More; 3, Andrew Bartow, Scottsbluff

American Government: 1, Jay Linton, Leyton; 1, James Updike, Stevens; 3, Ben Absalon, Crawford; 3, David Bond, Sidney; 3, Melissa Bucknell, Stevens; 3, Marty Kreitman, Rock County; 3, Wil Lage, Arthur County

American History: 1, Melissa Petersen, Stevens; 2, Kylie Ellwanger, Sidney; 3, Brady Glissendorf, St. Thomas More

Animal Science: 1, Abby Ford, Morrill; 2, Caleb Milne, Hemingford; 3, Hannah Kesterson, Alliance; 3, Doug Larsen, Stuart; 3, Ethan Skinner, Hemingford

Art Drawing: 1, Alyssa Bivens, Bayard; 2, Grace Harvey, Leyton; 3, Shelby Saner, Sandhills

Business Communications and Vocabulary: 1, Cassidy Godfrey, St. Thomas More; 2, Olivia Testerman, Upton; 3, Taylor Cooper, Morrill; 3, Taylor Starman, Hemingford

Business Information Systems: 1, Stephanie Alfred, Mitchell; 2, Cameron Hale, Mitchell; 2, Emma Thomas, Stevens

Business Law: 1, Dakota Reichman, Creek Valley; 2, Stephanie Alfred, Mitchell; 2, Gunner Coffey, Sidney; 2, Brittany Kouba, Chadron

Business Management Decision Making: 1, Adam Schlotthauer, Mitchell; 2, Paige Frederiksen, Stevens; 3, Angela Cruz, Valentine; 3, Weston Silbaugh, Upton; 3, Larry Uttecht, Morrill

Business Mathematics: 1, Nathan Rice, Morrill; 2, Brittany Desjardin, Alliance; 2, Weston Wright, Douglas

Chemistry: 1, Amanda Reeves, Central; 2, Krystal Nelson, Gordon-Rushville; 3, Nathan Kovarik, St. Thomas More

Consumer Issues: 1, Emma August, Gordon-Rushville; 2, Jeremiah Fink, Sioux County; 3, Emma Thomas, Stevens

Eagle Cook-Off: 1, Masen Dale, Mikayla Nepper, Nick Reynolds, Sturgis-Brown; 2, Jackie Bruns, Gordon-Rushville, Brittany Hoagland, Cali Mulcahy, Gordon-Rushville; 3, Jaime Morlock, Acasha Reichman, Christina Tucker-Weaver, Creek Valley

Earth Science: 1, Marianne Hofer, St. Thomas More; 2, Levi Wilson, Sioux County; 3, Alex Harbach, Scottsbluff

English Usage: 1, Geoffrey Ledbetter, Chadron; 2, Jessica Thiele, West Holt; 3, Randin Rawlings, Rock County

Equine Management: 1, Gina Elmore, Hot Springs; 2, Justine Rivard, Hot Springs; 3, Molly Jensen, Arthur County; 3, Kaitlin Reece, Valentine

Flash Fiction: 1, Kenna Smith, Potter-Dix; 2, Dakota Gulley, Niobrara County; 3, Jordan Shadbolt, Gordon-Rushville

General Anatomy and Physiology: 1, Cole Gibbens, West Holt; 2, Sam Eastman, Gering; 3, Madi Malzahn, Sidney; 3, Hayden Yeradi, Wright; 3, Brianna Young, Hyannis

General Biology: 1, Mikenzie Nordeen, Alliance; 2, Matt Heng-martin, Kimball; 3, Eric Moriarty, Stevens; 3, Zach Murray, Sturgis-Brown

General Science: 1, Kaleb Gaar, Perkins County; 2, Alex Fritz, West Holt; 3, Drew Vanheveln, Stevens

Health: 1, Michael Shimek, Crawford; 2, Hannah Leppert, Rapid City Christian; 2, Brook Marcus, Douglas

Human Development and Family Life: 1, Ashley Battisti, Stevens; 2, Shea Lindsey, Gordon-Rushville; 3, Kirsten Buckius, Kimball; 3, Jamie McLain, Chadron; 3, Keeley Miller, Gering

Information Literacy: 1, Matt Wilen, Sturgis-Brown; 2, Cameron Hale, Mitchell; 2, Sean Stewart, Alliance

Library Science/Educational Media: 1, Bethany Baker, Alliance; 2, Jett Jurgens, Alliance; 3, Payton Hall, Bridgeport

Literature: 1, Bailey Paugh, Stevens; 2, Matt Wilen, Sturgis-Brown; 3, Elysse Dick, Stevens; 3, Tess Jones, Sturgis-Brown

Music: 1, Haley Johnson, Stevens; 2, Josh Blauert, Sidney; 2, Alex Rudolph, Ogallala

Nutrition and Family Health: 1, Audra Sasse, Gordon-Rushville; 2, Keilidh Hicks, West Holt; 3, Hannah Kirkpatrick, Anselmo-Merna

Personal Finance: 1, Noah Huber, Banner County; 1, Garrett Meisman, Chadron; 3, Gabe Ingram, Morrill

Photojournalism: 1, Alexa Anderson, Gering; 2, Carol Evans, Stevens; 3, Tatiana Hill, Arthur County; 3, Aubrey Nedella, Scottsbluff; 3, Sarah Riggs, Crawford; 3, Alex Rumpka, Stevens

Physical Education Sports Knowledge: 1, Caleb Akins, West Holt; 2, Hunter Vowers, Sidney; 3, Grant Freeze, Alliance

Physics: 1, Andrew Jennings, Stevens; 2, Alex Mohrman, Bayard; 2, Lane Vasa, Arthur County

Plane Geometry: 1, Andrew Bartow, Scottsbluff; 2, Tanner Holthus, Hyannis; 3, Anne Voigt, Rapid City Christian

Psychology: 1, Mollie Strain, Stevens; 2, Gillian Spangler, Stevens; 3, Kaylee Homolka, Sidney; 3, Sierra Passero, Chadron; 3, Jessie Schwanebeck, Hyannis

Simulated News Reporting: 1, Bill Hendricks, Stevens; 2, Jessie Andersen, Thedford; 2, Trent Opstedahl, Sturgis-Brown; 2, Izoebelle Schneider, Hay Springs

Teaching Presentation: 1, Alora Tweet, Crawford; 2, Colin Hyatt, Chadron; 2, Shea Lindsey, Gordon-Rushville

Trigonometry: 1, Ben Absalon, Crawford; 2, Lane Chasek, Chadron; 3, Caitlin Kunz, Stuart

Veterinary Sciences: 1, Molly Jensen, Arthur County; 1, Charmayne Strong, Gordon-Rushville; 3, Payton Shankland, Rock County

Vocabulary: 1, Dakota Nelson, Stevens; 2, Noah Huber, Banner County; 3, Anlan Cheney, Cody-Kilgore

Wildlife Ecology and Management: 1, Tyler Frickey, Bridgeport; 2, Brittany Walker, Alliance; 3, Alex Sybrant, Rock County

World History: 1, Thomas Jacobs, Gering; 2, Ian Albrecht, Sandhills; 3, Nicholas American Horse, Chadron; 3, Brandon Amundson, Central; 3, Darby Young, Sidney

—Justin Haag, CSC Information Services


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